The free guide to going cashless for schools

Jam packed with tips and tricks this guide will provide you with the ultimate confidence for implementing strategies in school to make payments more inclusive, boost income and effectively manage the dinner hall rush. Whether you have a payment system in place or not, we’re certain you’ll take something away from this fantastic guide. 

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Cashless School Guide


Better Security

Improving efficiency and security in the dinner hall with cashless catering.

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More Income

Smart ways to boost school income quickly with no overheads.


Save Time

How to save 15 hours a week in office admin on parental payments.

Ballymacash Primary School

“We started with trips before moving dinners over to cashless” says Stephen, explaining their process. “We did dinners in four phases to help our office get their heads around it, starting with year 1 and then moving through the other year groups. We started the process at the February half term and had everybody switched over by the end of May.”

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Hob Green Primary School

We love SchoolMoney, it is a very intuitive system and I am extremely happy with it. It has taken a job away from the school which was very time consuming. It has freed up a lot of time which saves money and removes the element of money getting lost or misplaced. It has saved teachers time and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any other school.

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Aspley Guise Lower School

"SchoolMoney is a great product and it has really helped our school to achieve. It’s saved our staff a lot of time counting cash, so their time can now be used in ways to help the students achieve rather than heading to the bank."

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We hope you find the information in this guide insightful and help your school move completely cashless.