Awards Management For Primary Schools

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Your perfect partner in the classroom, our awards management software helps nurture positive behaviour and develop your students for the future.

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Why SchoolAwards?


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Rewarding Behaviour

Efficiently reward positive behaviour through our in-built behaviour register and use our dedicated reports to keep track of worthy behaviours intuitively.

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Primary Safeguarding

Easily record any safeguarding concerns and offer the ability to reward positive behaviour which can communicate with home to keep family or carers in the loop whilst children are on site.

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Recording Accidents

Quickly record accidents within SchoolAwards with full functionality including body map functionality and clear injury type options. All data is date and time-stamped for audit trail purposes.

Intuitive Rewards

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Powerful School Reporting

Behaviour Radar technology allows you to notice trends and plan interventions.

The comprehensive filtering system allows you to explore and understand behaviour.

Many other useful tools such as league tables, incidents over time, behaviour by weather and group reports!

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Behaviour Over Time

Track behaviour patterns over custom time periods for any student or class.

Easily plan interventions as trends emerge.

Simple and easy to generate regardless of reporting experience.

View trends at a glance.

Primary School Rewards

Primary School Rewards

Manage rewards efficiently with speed and accuracy.

Efficient reward management recognises outstanding contributions in the classroom.

Consistent, automated communication to parents and staff.

Begin with a very limited or non-existent set of data.

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